Soaring from the Western Europe, Austria Card is known by far for its innovative yet remarkable products, be it in the payment or the ID sector. Continuously conquering the world of contactless, Austria Card has made its presence known & felt by its great movement, especially with the dual interface cards which serves as a pace setter among many countries.

There has been a newly renewed outburst of interest in biometrics in the cards industry and how it can be applied to cards to enhance security & ease of use. Biometric scanners come in different shapes and sizes and also differing in technologies on the card body part. 

The increase intention in ID card and e-Document forgery may seem to be getting out of hand recently, especially when criminals are going up and beyond, to achieve their goals by attacking the weaknesses in the personalisation process itself. There are many ways to increase security measures on an ID card which includes but not limited to laser engraving, lamination overlay and more. 

iconLatest Press Releases

11 March 2015

Shoreline announces its all-in-one EMV portfolio designed specifically for regional and community banks to quickly transition to chip and PIN or chip and signature technology. Leveraging a complete off-the-shelf EMV solution, Shoreline’s customers can launch a full chip deployment in less than four months ensuring business continuity for them and their cardholders. Small and medium sized banks also save time and money by using the Company’s standardised personalisation process, unique chip profile and timely delivery service. Shoreline’s long standing personal customer service and industry acumen combined with Gemalto’s EMV expertise gives regional and community banks a trusted partnership they can depend on. Working in conjunction with major U.S processors, Shoreline provides banks with high efficiency card data preparation for speedy deployment of EMV cards. Customers also have access to real-time information on delivery status and stages of the personalization process through their own customer information portal. Banks can easily implement in-branch EMV card issuance. The card is immediately in the hands of the customer for improved convenience while banks benefit from a new service that reduces time-consuming logistics.

10 March 2015

Verifone announced the findings of its UK consumer study that shows how British shoppers are taking new technologies enthusiastically as they browse and pay for goods and services. Yet with these advances and choices comes a need for retailers to offer promotions and incentives consistently across all channels to maintain brand loyalty and provide positive experiences to their customers, according to the study. Overall, it found that familiarity with new payment methods is rising; 38% of respondents in London were either very or somewhat familiar with contactless payments, and 21% were very or somewhat familiar with mobile wallets. Yet cash remains the primary choice of payment in the UK for 65% of the respondents, followed by chip and PIN transactions and online payment methods. The introduction of more technology has also shifted expectations, with consumers wanting retailers to use it to enhance their marketing and the way discounts are offered. Better sales promotions or discounts are now expected by 35% of respondents in exchange for their loyalty through a more connected approach to commerce, and 32% expect to be treated consistently across all payment methods, marketing channels and whether shopping in-store or online. “We are seeing UK consumers begin to take to new technologies with enthusiasm, indicating that mass adoption won’t be far away,” said June Felix, President of Europe for Verifone. 

10 March 2015

UBI Banca enhances its range of services available on smartphones. The bank has launched UBI Pay. UBI Pay is the app which revolutionises the payment experience by combining the ability to send money to contacts in your telephone book with the experience of making payments in shops using your smart phone and making e-commerce purchases. It is a multiservice app which comprises three different software applications: 'Invio denaro con Jiffy' (send cash with Jiffy) - Customers can use this function to send cash to the contacts in their phonebook. If the contact has already activated UBI Pay, then that contact receives the cash in real time 24 hours round-the-clock seven days a week; 'Pago Contactless' (NFC–I pay contactless) - virtualises the debit card on your smart phone and enables you to make payments easily and quickly in all shops equipped with contactless technology by simply placing the smart phone near the POS terminal; 'Acquisto online con MasterPass' (e-Commerce wallet – purchase online with MasterPass) -  allows customers to use their payment cards for e-Commerce purchases on all websites displaying the MasterPass logo without the need to remember and type in all the data needed to make a payment transaction each time. In coming months UBI Pay will be releasing important new services that will provide customers with more functions that are even easier to use.

10 March 2015
Verifone announced that Heron Foods will deploy Payment as a Service from Verifone. The platform is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) as an approved Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution and will enable Heron Foods to bolster payment security, reduce payment authentication times and accept NFC-based payments at all of its 248 stores. P2PE is crucial for merchants in today’s retail landscape, as it encrypts cardholder data collected at the point of sale (POS) and keeps it encrypted until it is safely inside Verifone’s PCI compliant decryption environment. Verifone’s P2PE validated Payment as a Service solution will protect cardholder data across Heron Foods’ payment terminals, networks and systems while helping the company to significantly reduce the scope and burden of PCI compliance, make security management more straightforward and less costly 
and protect its brand and reputation. “Enhancing card security and payment acceptance capabilities will help us to continue delivering on our commitment to provide the best customer service,” said David Heuck, Finance Director of Heron Foods. “Verifone’s managed services and NFC-enabled terminals will enhance the shopping experience for our customers and provide world-class protection against fraud through a single system that increases efficiency for the long term.”
09 March 2015

Vanderbilt  announced the addition of Jürgen Schnöbel as Chief Financial Officer. Jürgen Schnöbel has worked in the security industry since 2001. Over the past 12 years, he has served as the VP of Finance for HID Global with worldwide responsibility for its business units AdvanIDe and Identification Technologies (IDT), as well as for GovID and Identity Access Management (IAM) in the EMEA region. During his tenure at HID Global, Jürgen was instrumental in the growth of the AdvanIDe business, which more than tripled in sales revenue during his time with the organisation. He also was responsible for consolidating the corporate legal structure in Europe, the implementation of various restructuring programmes to maximise cost efficiencies and the adoption of internal improvement processes that helped optimise workflow and service levels. Over the course of his career, he also has held senior-level positions with Boeder Holding, Krone Kommunikationstechnik and Picker International. He holds an MBA from the University of Applied Science with an emphasis on accounting, taxes and audit. Jürgen Schnöbel will oversee financial management of the company from its new international headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany.

09 March 2015

Morpho and Visa announced the availability of the JMV Wave dual interface chip card, exclusively available for Visa financial institution clients in Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa. Morpho has designed the JMV Wave card to meet all of Visa’s current requirements for contactless payment technology, Visa payWave, in the region. JMV Wave is based on Morpho’s latest Java platform that is optimised to efficiently implement Visa’s payment application. Aside from convenience and cost-efficiency, the card also offers complete security for offline payment transactions required by many Visa clients in the region. Vikram Modi, Head of Emerging Product Solutions for Visa Asia Pacific, said: “We are delighted to welcome Morpho to the Visa Technology Partner Marketing Programme. The JMV Wave card precisely meets our clients need for modern, fast and affordable contactless cards, and is backed by Morpho’s wide expertise and experience. I am confident that this partnership will help further accelerate the adoption of contactless payments in Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.” Anthony Ong, MD for Morpho Cards (Singapore) said, “We are very happy that Visa chose Morpho for this collaboration. Visa payWave is one of the most up-to-date contactless technologies and goes perfectly hand in hand with our payment solutions.” 

06 March 2015

NBS Technologies has supplied the Horizon Evolution HD with Integrated Mailing system and EMV Software to Smart Card IT Solutions. SCIT chose NBS since they’re aligned in their vision and requirements for predictable quality and throughput which NBS offers with its highly advanced Horizon Evolution HD. NBS is the source for total card solutions as it provides magstripe, chip encoding, printing, embossing, to inline card insertion and mailer. Highly secured EMV solution software Persomaster from NBS makes it a one stop solution and a more streamlined operation process. Furthermore, with Aura Print Solutions as partner and service providers for NBS in India, with their factory trained engineers for local support, was the key to differentiate SCIT in the market. The recent Indian Government initiative of 'Jan Dhan Yojana' is an ambitious mission focusing on financial inclusion and integration of all households in India. “This is a huge undertaking considering the dynamics and vastness of India. Indian card manufacturers have to step up and meet the challenge of the sudden demand for RuPay debit cards from all the nationalised and co-operative banks,” commented Krishna Prakash, NBS Country Head of Sales for India.

05 March 2015

CPI Card announced a new product line that supports MasterCard best practices for EMV debit card issuers in the United States. “As the U.S. market migration to EMV continues to gain pace, we are confident that this additional product line for MasterCard Debit will enable our customers to migrate their portfolios in a timely manner and ahead of the liability shift date later this year,” said Steve Montross, President and CEO of CPI Card Group. The new products comply with all MasterCard requirements and Durbin specifications for U.S. debit cards. The specifications include supporting full data sharing across multiple application instances, providing merchants with debit transaction routing options. CPI provides a range of contact and dual interface EMV solutions for debit and credit running on Java, Multos or Native Operating Systems.

05 March 2015

NXP is collaborating with CardsMobile to securely connect a vast network of mobile payment services – including the transport systems in Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg; retailers and restaurants – to create an ecosystem of innovative, secure Smart Cities in Russia.Available immediately, the new mobile wallet, named ‘The Wallet’ from CardsMobile, is powered by NXP MIFARE and the NXP PN65T NFC mobile transaction solution. The Wallet allows consumers to download their credit, loyalty and travel cards to an in-device smartphone wallet application. The smartphone can then be touched across POS and ticketing terminals for instant payment in tens of thousands of stores, restaurants, train stations, buses and trams across Russia.  “Today we are one step closer to replacing the traditional wallet in Russia with a secure, smart application that allows customers to replace cash, coins and plastic cards with a mobile smartphone payment application,’’ said Kirill Gorynya, CEO and Co-Owner of CardsMobile. “Secure, connected cities are no longer a vision in Russia – they are a smartphone-enabled reality simplifying the daily lives of consumers. We are excited to join the ranks of Apple Pay in changing the future of payments around the world.”

04 March 2015

Over the past 12 months, unsuspecting MasterCard cardholders from around the world laughed, cried and smiled as Priceless Surprises made their day. Priceless Surprises, MasterCard’s new marketing platform to surprise and delight consumers, has become a global hit with more than 25 countries from every major region around the world launching it successfully; nearly 200 activations complete across key consumer passion areas like sports, music, fashion and shopping; and hundreds of thousands of surprises delivered to MasterCard cardholders to date, MasterCard announced. “Marketers have always strived for ways to surprise and delight consumers, however, not until Priceless Surprises was launched, it had a global brand crack the code in making it the essence of an entire marketing platform - we’ve taken the concept and truly made it a year-round phenomenon,” said Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Officer, MasterCard. “Within the first few weeks of the initial launch in the U.S., the programme quickly resonated around the world, proving it to be a natural and welcomed extension of the Priceless campaign.” The concept is simple, just by using their MasterCard, cardholders can get surprised in big and small ways. From digital song downloads, to instant seat upgrades at events, to meeting world class entertainers and athletes, and so much more.