Soaring from the Western Europe, Austria Card is known by far for its innovative yet remarkable products, be it in the payment or the ID sector. Continuously conquering the world of contactless, Austria Card has made its presence known & felt by its great movement, especially with the dual interface cards which serves as a pace setter among many countries.

There has been a newly renewed outburst of interest in biometrics in the cards industry and how it can be applied to cards to enhance security & ease of use. Biometric scanners come in different shapes and sizes and also differing in technologies on the card body part. 

The increase intention in ID card and e-Document forgery may seem to be getting out of hand recently, especially when criminals are going up and beyond, to achieve their goals by attacking the weaknesses in the personalisation process itself. There are many ways to increase security measures on an ID card which includes but not limited to laser engraving, lamination overlay and more. 

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08 September 2015
MasterCard and Media-Saturn, the holding company of Media Markt and Saturn, are joining efforts in a move that will allow shoppers at Europe’s best known consumer electronics retail brands to use their preferred MasterCard payment solutions at its shops across Europe. These efforts will provide consumers with greater choice over the way they want to pay in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Italy. Other countries may be included at a later stage. General acceptance of MasterCard cards is being extended to Media Markt and Saturn stores in various countries, starting with Germany and Austria. In addition, Media-Saturn will extend the possibility already existing in Italy to pay contactless to other countries, starting with Germany and Austria this autumn, hence allowing consumers to tap their contactless card or device at the till and save time at checkout. In order to ensure a seamless shopping and payment experience across all channels, Media-Saturn will also allow shoppers to use MasterCard’s MasterPass wallet solution on its online platform in all 6 countries by the end of 2015. Already in place in Poland and Italy today, this will increase convenience and safety for consumers across Europe who will be able to check out with just a few clicks, instead of having to provide their 16-digit card number and shipping address at every purchase. Given the scale and footprint of Media Markt and Saturn as the leading consumer electronics retailers in Europe, this new partnership will significantly drive acceptance and use of e-Payments to the detriment of less efficient payment methods, such as cash – whether it is in-store or online.
01 September 2015
UnionPay and Turkish Turkey IS Bank has recently jointly declared that all 470,000 POS terminals of Turkey IS Bank(Türkiye İş Bankası) will be enabled to accept UnionPay cards. In the meantime, quite a few well-known local online merchants will accept UnionPay online payment. Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International, and Yalçın Sezen, VP of IS Bank attended the signing ceremony. As the largest bank in terms of asset size, Turkey IS Bank has enabled nearly 7,000 ATMs to accept UnionPay cards and enabled the E-visa website of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to accept UnionPay cards. This time, the two sides will expand cooperation in two aspects. First, UnionPay acceptance coverage at POS terminals in Turkey will rise dramatically from 35% to over 50%. Second, the two sides cooperate to enable UnionPay online payment at many airlines and travel booking websites. Those merchants basically cover all airlines in Turkey. 
According to Cai Jianbo, we plan to increase UnionPay acceptance to 80% in Turkey within one year. This will help better serve UnionPay cardholders traveling to Turkey, promote personnel exchanges between China and Turkey and support exchanges between Turkey and neighbouring countries. Russia and many Central Asian markets have frequent exchanges with Turkey and UnionPay cards are issued on a large scale in those markets. Cardholders in these markets can use UnionPay cards conveniently in Turkey. Going forward, UnionPay will seek more breakthroughs in such fields as local issuance, contactless payment and mobile payment by cooperating with local mainstream institutions. According to Yalçın Sezen, he is glad to see brand-new advancement in expanding the acceptance of UnionPay cards, which will help IS Bank to provide more convenient and secure payment services for its customers and deliver more business opportunities to merchants and enterprises in Turkey. Subsequently, IS Bank hopes to conduct cooperation with UnionPay International in the field of innovative businesses and achieve win-win results.
10 August 2015

The card usage experience of UnionPay cardholders in Maldives will become more abundant. On August 10, UnionPay International announced that it signed a cooperative agreement with Maldives Airport Company (MAC). They will join hands to deliver excellent and convenient services as well as exclusive privileges to UnionPay card holders. Chen Zhi, Vice-Chairman of China UnionPay and Adil Moosa, Executive Director of MAC attended the signing ceremony with the presence of representatives of some Chinese financial institutions.

08 August 2015
Recently UnionPay and Thailand Bankers Association signed a Chip Card Standard License Agreement in Bangkok. According to the agreement, the chip card standard of UnionPay will be introduced to the local banks as the standard of Thailand’s banking industry. Thailand has become the first overseas nation which adopts UnionPay standard as its local uniform chip card standard. Ge Huayong, Chairman of UnionPay International, Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International, Qi Yuemin, Assistant President of China UnionPay, Tongurai Limpiti, Vice Governor of Bank of Thailand, Kobsak Duangdee, Secretary General of Thailand Bankers Association, representatives of Chinese Embassy in Thailand and the Chamber of Commerce of Chinese enterprises in Thailand, and many governors of Thailand banks attended the signing ceremony. In 2014, with the review of Thailand Bankers Association and major commercial banks, UnionPay chip card standard became the recommended standard for acceptance and card-issuance for Thailand’s banks. Today, the signing of the standard license agreement between UnionPay International and Thailand Bankers Association shows that China has achieved a significant breakthrough in independent financial technology as well as standard export. Furthermore, it will push forward nationwide chip migration of debit cards and ATM cards in Thailand.
07 August 2015

UnionPay  and Canadia Bank  has recently  signed a card issuance cooperation agreement in Phnom Penh. According to the agreement, UnionPay debit cards  will be launched at the beginning of the next year to provide local residents with more convenient and preferential payment services for daily purchase and international travel. Chen Zhi,  Vice Chairman of China UnionPay and Datuk Michael Lor, CEO of Canadia Bank, attended the ceremony. As the second largest bank in Cambodia, Canadia Bank was the first local bank to launch UnionPay card business in 2008. All ATMs and merchants under its flag now accept UnionPay cards. With the help of the bank, UnionPay  and Dufry, an airport duty-free shop in Cambodia, have carried out UnionPay cards promotions for two consecutive years. On the basis of joint efforts for many years, the cooperation scope of the two sides has extended from acceptance to issuance step by step, and the target customer has expanded from UnionPay cardholders visiting Cambodia to local residents. Now more customers enjoy convenient payment service through the global network of UnionPay cards. Before then, UnionPay  cooperated with four local banks in issuing various UnionPay card products, including co-branded debit cards, credit cards and premium cards. The UnionPay debit cards to be launched via cooperation with Canadia Bank will further enrich local bank card products, facilitate cross-border payments between China and Cambodia, and enable Cambodian citizens to enjoy easier card-using experiences locally and in other Asian regions, including those most popular destinations like Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Laos.

04 August 2015
HID has recently  announced an ultra-thin Polycarbonate (PC) ePrelaminate inlay for eID cards that is more than 30 percent thinner than alternatives.  The new offering is the first HID  inlay to use its patented HID direct bonding platform technology, which is available for high frequency (HF) systems. NXP Semiconductors is HID’s first qualified partner supplying IC chips for this product. HID’s new inlay takes advantage of its proven process of directly bonding chips to wire-embedded air-coil antennae for low-frequency animal ID and automotive applications, without the bulk of added modules. The company has successfully leveraged its direct bonding technology for HF applications, enabling manufacturers to develop the smallest HF formats available in the market while delivering uncompromised performance. By using this method in its new ultra-thin inlays, HID Global is providing smart cards with a durable and reliable connection between the card’s intelligence – the IC chip – and its antennae. In addition, the thinner inlay offers e-ID and smart card manufacturers more flexibility in card construction. The narrow dimensions of HID’s ultra-thin inlays – 200 microns instead of the typical 350 microns – provide manufacturers with room to add more security features on both sides
03 August 2015
As the number of Chinese people traveling abroad has been increasing, UnionPay solutions for the airline industry are becoming increasingly convenient.  UnionPay  has recently  announced that it had established partnership with more than 20 airlines to deliver secure and convenient payment experience to UnionPay cardholders for  nline ticketing and in-flight shopping, covering over 100 routes popular among Chinese travelers. UnionPay has joined hands with airlines based in Asia, Europe and Middle East, which are popular destinations among Chinese people. At present, cardholders can use UnionPay cards issued both at home and abroad for online ticketing at the Chinese official websites of AirAsia Airline, ANA, Singapore Tiger Airways, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Air France, Deutsche Lufthansa, Finnair, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, LOT Polish Airlines, Aerosvit Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. As UnionPay intensifies its effort to issue more cards outside China, it is also working with domestic airlines to enable online ticketing of overseas-issued UnionPay cards. UnionPay has recently partnered with China Southern Airlines to enable acceptance of overseas-issued UnionPay cards at the Chinese official website of the airline, and soon all of its overseas websites will be able to accept UnionPay cards. Cardholders may visit the official websites of the abovementioned airlines, select departure time and enter personal identification information, and select UnionPay upon checking out and complete payment via UnionPay Online Payment. With multiple risk control measures, UnionPay Online Payment offers secure payment experience without risks of information breaches.
30 July 2015
TSYS  and Acquirer Systems has  announced the launch of ASTREX, a new testing solution that simplifies the EMV certification process for both VARs and Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs). Developers can now use a streamlined approach to integrate with TSYS’ current testing environment, where ASTREX provides a robust card brand simulation tool with real-time results. The efficient testing functionality cuts EMV certification time in half. As an EMV payments simulation platform, developers can test a full range of transactions and network scenarios. This powerful and comprehensive testing solution eliminates complex integration steps with its scalability, and also reduces overall EMV implementation costs. ASTREX gives VARs and ISVs the peace of mind that their POS solutions will qualify for EMV certification on the first attempt. The TSYS and Acquirer Systems solution provides VARs and ISVs with a sustainable method of validating their payments ecosystems through tests conducted from a familiar, easy-to-use workspace that requires no further password management or secondary login information. VARs and ISVs will receive robust support from the TSYS Developer Services team – both during and after the integration – to further reduce overall EMV implementation costs.
29 July 2015
TD Bank has recently  announced an agreement with  MasterCard to route debit and prepaid card transactions over MasterCard’s Maestro network. Through the agreement, MasterCard will process TD Bank’s debit card and prepaid card PIN transactions. This initiative extends MasterCard’s worldwide presence and breadth of services to TD Bank customers including tokenized transactions, leveraging technology that provides a higher level of security for customer debit and prepaid cards. “At TD Bank, we’re focused on providing the highest level of service to our customers and driving innovation to our customers faster,” said Ryan Bailey, Head of Deposit Products, Payments and Non-Real Estate Lending at TD Bank. “Through our partnership with MasterCard we will be able to provide our customers with access to advanced payment solutions and services quickly and efficiently.” “We are delighted to extend our network to TD Bank, as well as explore opportunities to bring the latest innovation to TD Bank customers,” said Chris McWilton, President, North America, MasterCard.
This agreement will take effect in the beginning of 2016 and will bring TD Bank a platform to deliver robust payment options to their customers in an ongoing manner.
22 July 2015
The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) in Malaysia  has teamed up with Maybank to utilize  Maybank's   mPOS solution in their daily operations. Officers from the revenue, enforcement, valuation and property management, building, and engineering divisions will be equipped with tablets and the mPOS solution to collect payments of summonses, rent, assessments and water bills. The Maybank mPOS solution is powered by Soft Space. MPSJ is launching its usage of mPOS solution in September, for citizens to pay their fines, house taxes and other expenses using their credit cards. Aziz, the Deputy Director of Public Relations at MPSJ noted that the city council would have received its first order of 70 card readers in August. He further added  that MPSJ has signed a two-year contract with Maybank in regards to this initiative. MPSJ will be providing training courses to officials of relevant departments who will be using the mPOS solution. Officials will be equipped with a tablet, mPOS card reader and a portable mini printer.