Good things don’t come easy and easy things don’t come good. This has been proven for Sysco Hi-Stan International where it has overcome obstacles time and time again, never letting them stop it from its mission of providing the best to its customers, any place and anytime. While the the company has come a long way...

When a company achieves “world’s first”, the journey usually gets tougher as higher expectations are sure to follow, if only to remain ahead and above. NedCard - the world’s first independent smart card module assembly still going strong today with a wide international market reach.

“Little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries,” is just one of the few philosophies that Calvin Yau the CEO of CTS-Caliber practises. Caliber Solutions was conceived by a group of technical experts which originally started in Malaysia but are now based in Vietnam and continues to expand throughout the South East Asian region.

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13 October 2014

LyncShield has added a new solution enabling mobile Lync authentication for organisations with a network policy that requires smart card login. Organisations such as financial institutions and governments which use smart card login for authenticating their workers’ identities are facing a problem while implementing Lync mobile authentication requiring the user to enter his or her Active Directory credentials. In such organisations, users do not have Active Directory credentials as they use the smart card for authentication instead. LyncShield’s innovative solution addresses this challenge by allowing the user to create dedicated Lync credentials from a self-service registration web site after using his/her smart card for authentication to the site from a PC. The user then needs to connect his/her mobile device within a limited time frame by entering the dedicated Lync credentials on the mobile device. “We were approached by customers who couldn’t find a good solution for smart card authentication,” said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed LyncShield. “Our simple and easy-to-implement security solution allows organisations to continue maintaining the Smart Card authentication policy enabling mobile users connect to the corporate network from outside network without using Active Directory credentials.”

24 September 2014

HID Global announced that under the theme “Your Security. Connected,” it demonstrated the power to connect people, devices and applications with its broad Genuine HID portfolio of interoperable secure identity solutions at the ASIS International seminar and exhibits in Atlanta. The company also highlighted its latest innovations in mobile access that leverage Bluetooth Smart and NFC, and solutions for migrating to more advanced levels of authentication. In addition to demonstrating its broad range of solutions for creating, using and managing secure identities, HID Global featured products and services that address the specific needs of Government, Healthcare, Corporate/Enterprise, Financial/Banking and Education markets. The key demonstrations include iCLASS SE Platform, Mobile Solutions, Card and Reader Migration Solutions, Government Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, Corporate/Enterprise Solutions, Educations Solutions, Financial/Banking Solutions and Partner Solutions. The company will also showcase a wide variety of its best-in-class solutions, including the award-winning FARGO HDP5000 printer/encoder and other high-definition printer/encoders; its Direct-to-Card (DTC) printer line; OMNIKEY desktop readers; and Lumidigm biometric sensors.

24 September 2014

From bringing people into the formal economy and helping businesses understand their customers better, to driving digital convergence and delivering innovative, engaging marketing, it will be technology that enables the big changes in the world. These themes were the core to the discussions at the MasterCard Innovation Forum held in Singapore in September. The event brought together more than 550 participants from the Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as expert speakers from MasterCard and the industry, to discuss the evolving needs of businesses and consumers and showcase the latest innovations on the payments front. Conference sessions and panel discussions will cover trending topics such as digital convergence, mobile, travel, financial inclusion, big data and security. “Consumers’ needs and demands are getting increasingly sophisticated – they want faster, easier and safer transactions regardless of where they are and what they do. We believe that technology has the capability to do exactly that and much more – transforming the entire consumer experience to one that is seamless with all of their everyday activities,” said Garry Lyons, Chief Innovation Officer, MasterCard.

24 September 2014

By acquiring the Expertise business line of Ingelis, ELITT extends its services to expertise and tests of digital identity products (e-Passports, driving licences, and more). Covering the equipment, the know-how, the testing services offers and the technical staff of Ingelis Expertise, this external growth is a “first” in the history of ELITT. ELITT enhances its range of specific services related to digital identity technologies as compliance tests against key standards and technical assistance for the development of products and interoperability testing. ELITT can carry out many tests of durability: ageing, mechanical strength and resistance in disturbed environment like resistance to heat, moisture, X-rays, electrostatic discharge (ESD), magnetic fields, and more. Providers of e-Passports, identity cards, driving licenses but also scratch cards and tickets (phone, games, and more) are now going to benefit from all the services proposed by ELITT, including its global expertise. “After its historic electronic banking activity followed by transport and healthcare, ELITT gets a fourth business line in digital identity. This demonstrates our ambition to become a major player in the ecosystem of secure electronic transaction,” comments Jean-Pierre Dubord, ELITT’s COO.

23 September 2014

Cubic Transportation Systems has successfully extended its service and maintenance contract for the e-Ticket back-office system for the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund Servicegesellschaft mbH (rms). Developed by Cubic in December 2011, the area-wide multi-tenant central system (vHGS) contract extends the relationship until 2017, providing the opportunity for continuity and further development. The sales terminal in Cubic’s backoffice is the only one in the German market that is certified by the VDV-Kernapplikation GmbH & Co.KG (Association of German Transport Companies) (VDV KA), the German e-Ticket standards body. Systems meeting the German e-Ticket standards set a new level of performance by enabling the secure use of any Internet-connected PC for contactless smart card e-Ticket issuance in a sales office. Previous systems required smart card readers containing an expensive and proprietary security application module. With the new lower cost systems pioneered by Cubic, smaller transportation agencies and partners can provide a wide range of ticketing services and improve customer service more affordable without buying expensive dedicated ticketing systems. Jörg Puzicha, MD of Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund Servicegesellschaft mbH said, “The vHGS has enabled us to provide a higher quality of service for our clients at a lower cost. Cubic was responsible for the development of the system and we intend to continue to develop its capabilities.”

16 September 2014

Cross Match Technologies launches its Verifier Sentry hand held solution designed to authenticate the identity of an individual using their secure credentials and biometrics. The Android-based Verifier Sentry rapidly reads credential documents with embedded biometric data and verifies the credential holder’s ID by matching the biometric to a live scan of their fingerprint. Alternatively, the Verifier Sentry can transmit an unknown subject’s fingerprint to an AFIS for remote processing. Credentials supported by the Verifier Sentry include federal ID cards such as PIV, CAC and TWIC, ICAO 9303 standard e-Passports, as well as numerous state, local and national IDs. Essentially, the Verifier Sentry can be configured to read any contact or contactless smart card chip and decode numerous security protocols, including MRZ, PDF 417 and other barcodes. The Verifier Sentry incorporates a FAP 30 rated single finger sensor as recommended in the March 2014 National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Industry Report 7950 and meets PIV-071006 certification requirements. The hand held also provides the ability to capture PIV-specified pictures for facial recognition.

15 September 2014

AVANSIA, the latest in card printers from Evolis, capitalises on retransfer card printing, a technology that is proven to deliver top-notch quality. With retransfer, card printing is performed in two steps: first, the card layout is printed on a transparent film; then the print layer is transferred from the film to the card. This technology makes it possible to cover the entire surface of the card. Avansia’s 600dpi print head delivers vivid quality images, as well as sharp texts, microprints and water marks. Designed for heavy-duty card delivery, AVANSIA is a robust and reliable printer. It is a fast printer that can issue more than 140 single-sided color cards per hour. The printer supports the delivery of cards in large runs, thanks to its large-capacity feeder and output hopper (250 cards each), as well as consumables from the Evolis High Trust range that are engineered for this type of personalisation. The retransfer technology from AVANSIA makes it possible to print on any card profile (PVC, PET, polycarbonate, ABS), even on cards with an uneven surface. “With Avansia, Evolis expands its range with a premium product which will allow us to strengthen our capacity to answer the needs of high volume applications, specifically in the security, education and banking markets,” says Delphine Bidaud, Product Manager, Evolis.

11 September 2014

ELITT just received the MasterCard accreditation for cards. ELITT is now able to evaluate MasterCard payment cards produced by manufacturers to get a certification before deployment. This accreditation applies to MasterCard certification layers: electrical, analog, digital, protocol, application, integration, combination, performance. Three specifications are currently covered are M/Chip4, contact only specification, PayPass M/Chip 4 for dual products, and M/Chip Advance, latest MasterCard specification covering contact and contactless products. Fourth laboratory in the world to be accredited by MasterCard for cards, ELITT’s experience in the field of card evaluation and service quality is recognised by one of the most important international payment scheme. Building on this success, ELITT is now working on getting MasterCard accreditation for mobile products. “This accreditation is good news for our customers, who will benefit from ELITT services on a wider range. In parallel, it opens for ELITT, the doors to new global markets” comments Jean-Pierre Dubord, ELITT’s COO.

10 September 2014

Combined effort has paid off for Syntegro and Idesco with Syntegro’s launch of its SynRea-8CD485 reader. Designed on a foundation of reading highly-secured MIFARE cards (Classic, DESFire) the reader occupies a crucial niche in Syntegro’s system for securing the length of its reader-to-host communication - even from sophisticated side-hacks. It achieves such a significant level of security by rejecting unsecured serial or Wiegand connections in favor of a fully and highly-encrypted RS485 communication protocol. The result is not only an extension of DESFire’s high security standard beyond the badge to the entire distance from reader to controller – it actually provides two distinct phases of encryption of the badge’s data. In keeping with Idesco’s tradition of excellent design and engineering these Syntegro readers also provide an ideal platform for migrating from MIFARE Classic (serial or sector) to DESFire. This is because during a migration, the reader can host both technologies simultaneously. Once you’ve replaced all your Mifare Classic cards, you simply deactivate Classic reading technology, working securely behind DESFire. The reader is packaged with two back plates, a screw terminal connector and optical tamper contact. If you need to achieve the highest level of access control security for your site, SynRea-8CD485 is the wisest foundation you can build from.

10 September 2014

NBS Technologies is pleased to announce it is celebrating 40 years of business in 2014. Throughout its history, NBS has taken on numerous roles in the card industry and has continuously adapted and pushed innovation. “The core values of the company have always included a strong dedication to quality service and providing innovative products. This is a company that we built into an efficient, state of the art, global leader through product development and by creating a highly talented and motivated team,” said Bryan Hills, President and CEO, NBS Technologies. In 2004, NBS completed their acquisitions of UbiQ and of Cybernetix Microelectronique SAS which elevated NBS into one of the world's largest developers and providers of equipment offering an extensive portfolio of card and smart device personalisation products. “We are very proud to be celebrating our 40th anniversary. This is a tremendous milestone for the company and we would like to thank our valued employees, customers and business partners for their dedication and loyalty to the company over the years. We look forward to continuing to provide stability, quality service and reliability in this industry; we are committed to achieving excellence for many more years to come,” Bryan Hills added. NBS will celebrate this anniversary at the CARTES Secure Connexions Event in Paris, France, November 4th to 6th, 2014. Visit our booth and join our celebrations!